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What do Designers Do?

Here’s what design is


Design researchers are pioneering new modes of healthcare, clarifying how people engage with technologies, inspecting the effects of an increasingly global community, and they are testing living spaces that adapt to changing human needs. Their inquiring nature, attention to detail, experience working with others, and inventive spirit make designers collaborative problem solvers whose research produces insightful discoveries.


Design educators synthesize research, practice, and pedagogy in order to facilitate experiences where the future of design is shaped. Emerging technologies, ideas, and methods for framing problems are tested in classrooms and studios where dialogue is encouraged and learners develop their craft as well as their thinking.


Design practitioners are problem solvers who partner with clients to define needs, craft solutions and implement inventive and effective outcomes. These designers are experienced in considering context as part of the problem and the outcomes they generate shape the cultures of those for whom they create.

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Rewarding Risk

Learning beyond curriculum.

Living Values

Exploring how to empower people to make decisions for their last days so their wishes are honored.
Design Research to Empower