Design and creativity can feel like the stuff of magic. Persuasion, fanatical brand loyalty, and "intuitive" interfaces feel like wizardry. So how does design work? What are the connections between research and creation? What knowledge, thinking, and skills are needed to create products people love or services that feel like a thoughtful friend? Designing has to be about more than color swatches and button sizes if we hope to design systems that empower communities and invite collaboration for a brighter future.

The Design Workbench Podcast demystifies concepts in design research, thinking, and making for experience design.

a family of mixed races standing at a kitchen table

People-Driven Design

February 7, 2022

Why is human-centered design not enough? I explore human-centered design, activity-centered design, and people-driven design.

  • activity centered design
  • design research
  • experiences
  • human centered design
  • innovation
  • people-driven design
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