With the popularity of Kickstarter, the importance of short, compelling video presentations has become the norm. To get your message across, you have to present well, and all too often, audiences are viewing these presentations through a device instead of in person. Here are some guidelines for producing great presentations.


You don’t have to own amazing equipment to make an effective presentation. Cameras like iPhones or GoPros have great resolution and are easy to use. Online tools and downloadable options are inexpensive and some are even free. By combining cameras and screen sharing tools, you can easily produce great presentations. Here are some of our favorite tools.

  • Screencast-o-matic is online and records screens and webcams. Free.
  • Snagit is downloadable and records screens and webcams and it can also produce seamless, scrolling screenshots. Paid (education discount).
  • QuickTime Player is included on every Mac and can record screens and audio. Free. Tutorial on YouTube.
  • Adobe Premiere is a high-powered video editor included with a Creative Cloud Subscription. Paid.
  • iMovie is a lightweight video editor included on any Mac.
  • Adobe Spark is online and can be used to create templated slide presentations.
  • PowerPoint is downloadable and can be used to record a slide show and voice. Free for Miami Students.

Remember, you are the designer and the tools are just there to help you achieve your goals. Research each tool’s limitations, then create your work within those limitations. Feel free to mix tools to achieve the outcome you desire.


There is a wide range of li-fi and hi-fi production methods you can use to create videos. Here are a few examples.

The cut-paper, low-tech, narration approach.

Students in Special Topics Design Studio: Spring 2017 adopted the low-tech approach for their Four Waves of Feminism presentation.

Other students in Special Topics Design Studio: Spring 2017 mixed approaches for their Things I Know That I Don’t Know presentation.


Presenting just takes practice. Julian Treasure’s TED Talk, “How to speak so that people want to listen” offers some powerful insights and advice.

Connecting with the Audience

However you present, do it with verve.

More Resources for Creating Video Presentations

Check out these helpful resources.

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