Whatever you make will improve if you get someone else’s feedback. Other folx feel, see, sense, and understand differently than you do. Testing, feedback, and iteration make our work more accessible, useful, and desirable. No matter how awesome a designer you are, there are blind spots. The best things I’ve ever made started as total “Dennis knows what he’s doing” assumptions but morphed and un-Dennis’d thanks to feedback from others.

When Google uses and tests its products, they call it “Dogfooding.” Google employs such a diverse range of folx that they can call in older adult Googlers, people of color, or folx experiencing cognitive decline to test their products. That kind of internal testing is invaluable for discovering blind spots and improving design.

Here are a few resources to guide your design review, critique, or feedback session.

Dennis Cheatham

Associate Professor, Communication Design

Miami University

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