On the Workbench… an Update

  • Posted
    November 11, 2015
  • Contributor
    Dennis Cheatham

An update on projects taking hosted on Design Workbench.

Over the last six months, research on projects hosted here have been getting a lot of attention. Here’s a brief update on what’s happening:

eold-title-screenDecisions Related to End-of-Life Issues has been the focus of a few presentations and the process of securing funding for the project is underway. After conducting key informant interviews, concepts of vulnerability and intimacy have surfaced as areas of interest when encouraging people to enter into talks about their wishes for end-of-life. The research was recently presented in September 2015 at HOW Interaction Design Conference in San Francisco and also at Miami University’s Discovery Café in November 2015.

rewarding-risk-title-screenFindings and recommendations from Rewarding Risk will be the focus of a plenary presentation at the 35th Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching. The research project concluded in May of 2015, but outcomes from the work have taken the form of several different learning experiences that challenge learners to embrace ambiguity. Details will be shared at the conference and as work continues to examine how failure and iteration can encourage learning it will be shared on the project website.

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