Theme Park Field Tools

Here’s what you’ll need to record for the xdWDW Compendium Project. Everyone must complete at least one of each Experience Type.

Experience Types

  • Attraction
  • Land
  • Resort Hotel
  • Dining Experience
  • Entertainment or Service


Describe the experience type in one sentence.

Intended Experience

Explain what this experience is intended to create inside participants (emotions, memories, physical sensations).

Formal Properties

Describe the formal properties of the experience, including its physical details and style. Include at least one image. Video and sounds would be great! Paint a clear picture of the experience.


Describe the context that surrounded this experience. For example, weather conditions, location, etc.

Social Norms

Describe what social norms are in place for this experience. What social norms did the experience encourage?

Step-By-Step Use

Describe the step-by-step process involved in participating in this experience.

Abilities Required

Describe the abilities required for people to participate in this experience.


Describe how usable this experience was—what was “effortless” and what created problems for you and others?

Design Specializations Involved

Highlight what types of design specializations are involved in this experience, such as interaction design, service design, architecture, game design, graphic design, etc.

Design Techniques

Share the theme park design techniques that were used to create this experience.

Cast Member Details

Share how Cast Members were involved in this experience. What was their role?

Story Makeup

Share the manifestation theme (setting and subject) and the Dramatic Theme.

Theming Style

Share the theming style of this experience: Realistic, Heightened Reality, Exaggerative, Interpretive, Metaphoric, Associative

Story Techniques

Share the story techniques that were used to create this experience.

Story Content Type

Share if this was an Aspirational, Popular, or Medium Design and why.

Mickey’s Ten Commandments

Share which of Mickey’s Ten Commandments were observable for this experience.

Audience Mix

Share what audience mix for whom the experience was targeted: World Travelers, Character Huggers, Thrill Seekers

Audience Story Engagement

Share what levels guests could easily engage with the story: Divers, Swimmers, Waders

Audience Observed

Describe the makeup of the people who were experiencing this with you.

Your Experience

Physical Experience

Share details about the physical sensations you felt.

Emotional Experience

Share details about the emotions you felt.

Happiness Factor

Highlight the happiness (or sadness) level this experience created for you and write why you felt this way about the experience.

Your Memory

What memory did you make from this experience?

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