Theme Park Field Tools

Know Your Audience

How can you tell Imagineers “knew their audience”?

Wear Your Guests’ Shoes

How can you tell Imagineers “wore their guests’ shoes”?

Organize the Flow of People and Ideas

How can you tell there is a clear plan?

Create a Wienie (Visual Magnet)

How was a visual magnet implemented?

Communicate with Visual Literacy

How was the non-verbal story communicated?

Avoid Overload—Create Turn-Ons

How were objects reduced to avoid clutter and focus attention?

Tell One Story at a Time

How is the story unified and clear?

For Every Ounce of Treatment, Provide a Ton of Treat

How is learning complemented by entertainment?

Avoid Contradictions—Maintain Identity

How is it unified with no intrusions?

Keep It Up (Maintain It)!

How can you tell it has been well-maintained?

Dennis Cheatham

Associate Professor, Communication Design

Miami University

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