Setting Up Work for Showing

March 26, 2015

Student work is shown in our spaces at Miami to showcase the great work that is happening here.


Large-format posters of student work, often shown in our hallways at Miami.


To prepare for the show, each of you needs to reformat your images as needed and submit high resolution PDFs. Refer to the notes below, the Flickr album may only include one image/view so please add other pieces especially in integrated campaigns. We can share other successful examples if you need them or ask me questions about your work specifically.

*If it was a partner or team project, select one person who is going to create the pdf.

Integrated Campaigns

Arrange the pieces within the 2×3 format with a subtle textured background or subtle full color background and print out full bleed


Arrange 3 screens, one large and two small, in the vertical format.

Use the following template for the display of your work:


Include one larger piece and some smaller screens to represent your project.

Use the following templates for the display of your work:



Museums and Interdisciplinary projects

Include white space between imagery and use strong visual hierarchy. Use multiple pieces, primarily the graphic design components of the project, on a white background to represent the campaign on one panel.

Issues Posters (from Design Systems)

Vertical orientation. Use one large poster and 2 small ones on a white background.

Type Song Posters

Include both front and back onto one horizontal or vertical orientation.

Print and Mobile

Multiple elements on white background.


Full bleed photography on a background or in an environment.

Books (inc. Poetry Journals, Conference Catalogs, Hint Fiction, Type Designer, etc.)

Physical versions of all books will be displayed in the show.

File Preparation

  • Each print should be placed in a 36″ x 24″ InDesign file. Make the print horizontal or vertical depending on the image orientation.
  • Be sure your image is high enough resolution to be placed in a large file like this. (To check for image quality, you can tile the job and print it out on the OKI)
  • Export your file from InDesign as a pdf. Make sure to click “High Res Print” by “Adobe PDF Preset.” Then click on the “Marks and Bleeds” tab and check off “crop marks” and make sure “bleeds” are included if your file is full bleed. If you don’t include crop marks the Print Center won’t be able to trim the image!


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